Prof. Dr. Stephanie Birkner


Prof. Dr. Stephanie Birkner holds a doctorate in the field of consulting research. She has been appointed 2014 as junior professor for Female Entrepreneurship at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg (since 2011 awarded as Entrepreneurial University). In addition to social science approaches in the context of digital transformation, e.g. with focus on topics like entrepreneurial identity or talent profiling, she is particularly interested in engineering and natural science (public) health perspective on gendered innovation.

As certified personal coach and LSP facilitator, she supports academic start-ups. Since 2015 she is gaining own practical entrepreneurship experiences as co-founder of GREP – German Real Estate Pioneers GmbH. Those are part of her lectures at the IREBS (University of Regensburg) e.g. in the study program “Digital Real Estate Manager”. In addition, she is represented internationally on panels and is an active board member of start-up and female leadership organisations and initiatives.

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