Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe

Hannes Rothe is an assistant professor at the department of information systems, Freie Universitat Berlin, for educational service engineering and IT-entrepreneurship. As such, he is  interested in the role of digital entrepreneurs creating and appropriating value within digital ecosystems. Since 2013, he coordinated the development of entrepreneurship education at FU Berlin.

Together with a strategic alliance of European partners – the Postdocs-to-Innovators network – he focuses on supporting the entrepreneurial mindset of young academics. His research on digital entrepreneurship, platform ecosystems, and design science research has been published in Communications of the AIS, International Journal on E-Learning, Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems, and Proceedings of the Americas Conference on Information Systems, among others. Finally, Hannes is supervises several data-based ventures.

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