The conference aims to provide a platform for scholars and practitioners from distinct disciplines, i.e. entrepreneurship, management and information systems research, to share their experiences and assemble the current state of knowledge on the topic of entrepreneurial diversity in a digital age (Day 1 – Diversity Talks). These insight are used to identify and kickstart interdisciplinary research projects on Day 2 of the event (Paperthon).

Our Objectives at a Glance

The conference aims to discuss the core questions of this conference and to:

Day 1 (27 June 2019) – Diversity Talks: Facilitate discussions and exchange between scholars and practitioners across distinct disciplines to identify knowledge gaps and challenges with regard to entrepreneurial diversity.

Day 2 (28 June 2019) – Paperthon: Kickstart interdisciplinary research projects that advance our theoretical and practical knowledge on the distinct facets of entrepreneurial diversity in a digital age.

Registration & Proposals

Conference registration is open now. Researchers who want to pitch a research idea or data set at the Paperthon may submit their proposals up until 26 April 2019 to (one pager that describes the general idea and/or data set).

Venue & Accommodation

What better place to discuss the opportunities for and obstacles of entrepreneurial diversity in the digital age than Berlin with its vibrant startup ecosystem? We look forward to welcoming you to the entrepreneurial capital of Germany. The conference will be held at the Freie Universität in Berlin (Dahlem). Two nearby hotels are the Seminars CampusHotel and the Harnack-Haus

Conference Fees

Academics (27.-28.06.19): 120Euro (inludes access to all Diversity Talks, Paperthon, lunch (2x) and networking event at the end of the first day)

PhD students: (27.-28.06.19): 60Euro (inludes access to all Diversity Talks, Paperthon, lunch (2x) and networking event at the end of the first day). We have a very limited amount of scholarships for PhD students who want to attend the conference but cannot afford the fee. Please write an email to with your motivation to attend to conference (scholarships only include the fee, travel and accomondation expenses cannot be covered).

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