The Paperthon aims to kickstart interdisciplinary research projects that advance our knowledge on different facets of entrepreneurial diversity in a digital age.

Similar to a Hackathon, a Paperthon provides an environment in which scholars and practitioners can pitch their ideas for research projects and/or interesting data sets that might foster our understanding of entrepreneurial diversity in a digital age. The aim is to allow interdisciplinary teams to form and kickstart research projects, with mentoring support available from senior scientists (you do not need to bring your idea or data set in order to participate).

(Research) Topics of interest for the conference include – but are not limited – to:

Demographic Entrepreneurial Diversity

How does diversity in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, cultural backgrounds (amongst others) affect the performance of entrepreneurial teams? Does this also apply to teams collaborating remotely?

What kind of support platforms are needed to help international entrepreneurs integrate into national startup ecosystems?

Functional Entrepreneurial Diversity

What kind of platforms are needed to efficiently lead and coordinate entrepreneurial teams working across hierarchical, geographical, and functional boundaries?

How can leaders create a common experience, and foster innovation, for teams collaborating remotely?

What kind of platforms and Digital Makerspaces can best support collaborative efforts to explore and exploit digital innovation potential among geographically dispersed actors?

How do different experiential backgrounds affect collaboration on such online platforms? How does new work contribute to variance in entrepreneurial endeavors?

Deep-Level Entrepreneurial Diversity

What kind of skillsets are needed to lead and work within highly diversified entrepreneurial teams to explore and exploit digital innovation potentials?

How can higher education institutions improve their educational programs in order to help young talents develop a mindset conductive to working in diverse teams in a digital age?

What determines the perceived performance and drives the learning ambitions of highly diversified and geographically dispersed entrepreneurial teams?

Meet the Editors of the Special Issue “Concepts and Facets of Entrepreneurial Diversity” (International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing)

Prof. Kerstin Ettl and Prof. Silke Tegtmeier are two of the editors of a special issue that will be published in IJEV (manuscripts to be sent from 1 November and to arrive no later than 31 December 2019). Conference attendees will have the opportunity to meet both editors on 28 June to discuss potential paper ideas and get suggestions and advice to prepare submissions to this special issue.

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