Our aim is to facilitate discussions and kickstart interdisciplinary research projects on the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurial diversity in the face of digitalization. The conference brings together scholars, practitioners and students to discuss the following questions from an interdisciplinary angle:

On day 1 of this two-day conference, we are inviting interdisciplinary scholars and practitioners to share their ideas and experiences and determine the current state of knowledge through various Diversity Talks.

On day 2, these insights will be used in a Paperthon to kick-start interdisciplinary research projects exploring different facets of entrepreneurial diversity in the context of digitalization.

The latest deadline for the conference registration is
10 June (proposals are  also due to 10 June!)
More information regarding the conference fees can be found under ‘General Information‘.

Speakers, Editors & Coaches

Prof. Dr. Gülay Çağlar
Freie Universität Berlin
Karolina Attspodina
Nancy Nemes
Ms. AI
Hannah Dahl
PhD JuanFra Alvarado Valenzuela
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Stephan Dirschl
Charta der Vielfalt
Silja Conradi
Prof. Dr. Lauri Wessel
Universität Bremen
Heike Gäbler
Founder Looking for Female Co-Founders
Prof. Dr. Regan Stevenson
Indiana University
Prof. Dr. Elizabeth J. Davidson
University of Hawaii at Manoa 

Uta Menges
Diversity & Inclusion Management - IBM
Prof. Dr. Helle Neergaard
Aarhus University
Lea Böhm
Founder AllesRoger
Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe
Freie Universität Berlin
Lubna Rashid
Technical University of Berlin, Diaspora Entrepreneurship
Dr. Timo Lorenz
Medical School Berlin, Neurodiversity
Natalya Nepomnyashcha
Founder Netzwerk Chancen
Prof. Dr. Stephanie Birkner
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Female Entrepreneurship
Prof. Dr. Silke Tegtmeier
University of Southern Denmark
Prof. Dr. Julia Kensbock
Maastricht University, Team-Level Diversity
, ,
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Ettl
Universität Siegen, Diversity in SMEs



Day I • Diversity Talks

Day II • Paperthon


Dr. Janina Sundermeier
Freie Universität Berlin
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Marie-Charlotte Matthes
Freie Universität Berlin
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